Wedding Ocean Sands Hotel Enniscrone Co Sligo

21st September 2012

I got to know Lorna from covering her sister's wedding (Aine) last year and indeed from covering her friends wedding earlier this year (Sinéad & Enda). It's great calling to a home that your familiar with on the morning of a wedding and indeed it was great to get the welcome that I did!

Their was plenty of excitement in the house on the wedding morning and it was great to meet Simone and Jack who were bridesmaid Janine's young babies! I had seen plenty of images of them on the internet but they certainly helped deflect some attention from the stunning Lorna on her wedding morning.

(Lorna & Simone with mum Janine in the background)

Lorna was a treat to work with, always relaxed and a smile was never far away.

After Lorna's home, I travelled to Attymass church where I met up with Sean and his mafia consisting of best man Diarmuid and groomsmen Eamon, Tadhg and Cathal as well as Pageboys Conor & Seán. It was also great to meet videographer Cyril Fox, a nice jovial man who was brilliant to work with.....always conscious of each other and our jobs, we got on great!

A big congratulations to Lorna's Grandmother who turned 95 very recently and here young Jack turns on the charm for her!

I love it when couples have great awareness during a ceremony.

I love this shot because it was taken during the ceremony. I nipped outside to get some batteries from my car and spotted the two lads feeding Jack and Simone.....and not a woman in sight!

The three Hennigan ladies, mum Dorothy, Lorna and Aine.

I was lucky that I had taken the group shot of the congregation indoors as an insurance photo, because as soon as Lorna and Seán had shaken hands with their guests, the skies became ominously dark and a few rain drops could be felt sending all of the guests to their cards rapidly.

We drove from Attymass up to Enniscrone and once we got through Ballina, the rain was lightening off although the skies were still eerily dark behind us. We arrived up at the rocky beach in Enniscrone having gotten ahead of the showers that were right behind us and we ran of a few shots...being very conscious that at any moment, the heavens were liable to open.

No photoshopping involved in this shot, it's natural, a small bit of flash to light Lorna, it really was that dark behind her and you can make out the showers in the distance also!

It was only when I was editing the images that I realized that I had made Lorna and her Bridesmaids walk about 100 yards over a very rocky terrain to get down by the sea for a few shots. Given the fact that they would all have been wearing shoes that aren't appropriate for hiking over a rocky beach, it was a lot to ask of them in hindsight, but while we were shooting on the beach, I was so conscious of the weather and trying to make the most of out time before the heavens opened that it didn't even dawn on me to ask them if the minded the trek! Their such a lovely bunch and there wasn't one complaint....thanks girls, your stars!

A very unusual shot....the calm before the storm! The sun peeks it's head out and lights up Lorna, while at the same time. the sky is eerily dark....and not even the slightest puff of wind around to give some motion to Lorna's veil.

Thanks Lorna, Martha Janine and Aine for being so accommodating regarding the hike on the're great fun and true ladies to work with!

After about 15 minutes of taking images on the beach, a blast of thunder sent us all to our cars....a shower was only seconds away. We headed back to the Ocean Sands Hotel and a cloud burst came during the 3 minute journey back to the hotel....couldn't help but feel very satisfied that we got the most from the day as far as the weather was concerned!!

Guests leave personal messages on the engagement portrait that Lorna and Seán got in our studio.

I love capturing the "Ballina"'d nearly need a safety belt when their taking place as their fast, witty have no structure and go just about everywhere and back again and take no prisoners!

Thanks Lorna and Seán for letting me be part of your special day. It was great meeting up with familiar faces and I really enjoy myself when working in the relaxed atmosphere that your wedding was...thanks!

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