Darshana and Jonathan's weddings....yes, Weddings!

29th June 2015

Darshana and Jonathan's weddings took place recently....yes, that's not a typo, their weddings (plural) took place recently in Co Mayo Ireland.
They were lucky to have a Hindu Ceremony in the exclusive setting of Ballycurrin House beside Headford Co Galway, followed by a traditional ceremony a couple of days letter in Glencorrib Church Mayo followed by a ceremony in the Lodge at Ashford!
Quite a lot of photos between the two days, so rather than write too much, I'll let the images sum up the amazing days we shared together!!
Delighted of course to have been working with John Murphy of Avalon Video on the saturday...always makes matters easier!!

This was a solemn part of the ceremony, while also quite comical! For the initial part of the ceremony, Darshana is absent whilst her family welcomes Jonathan and his family to the wedding celebration. After some rituals and prayers, Darshana is brought into the cermony and sits opposite Jonathan although they cannot see each other as their brothers are holding a screen between them.
The bride and groom are given an opportunity to change their mind before the partition is taken away, as they will be married when this occurs. You'd imagine it's a serious enough event in any ceremony, but to counteract the tension, the priest brokered a bet between Jonathan's brother Monty and Darshana's brother Vishal with regards to the removing of the cloth partition. He gave directions to the two men on how to hold the partition and when he struck a gong, they were both to pull as quick and as fast as they could....allowing the happy couples to set eyes on each other for the first time. Monty won the bet by pulling the fastest received €10 from Darshana's brother!

Another funny ritual.....when the priest throws rice, Darshana and Jonathan race to sit on the seats immediately behind them.
Allegedly, whomever sits first has the authority to "call the shots" in the relationship.
The priest feigned throwing the rice on the first occasion ....Darshana in her eagerness to gain the bragging rights didn't notice!!

I think we can see from this image that Darshana just erred on the side of caution allowing Jonathan the privilege of being the "main man"!

During this part of the ceremony, the Priest invited the ladies from Darshana's side of the family to first come and sprinkle some flowers over the newly weds as well as wish them the power to have "three" children......followed then by the Irish cailíni to do like wise, however they put their own twist on the amount of kids, indeed wishing them a happy family of "six" children....God love you Darshana if this comes true!!

The Hindu Ceremony Celebrations are in a photo slideshow below and the Irish weddings is below this.

For day 2, Darshana's preparations took place in the beautiful Ballycurin House before making our way to Fr Crosby's beautiful ceremony in Glencorrib. Fair play to Fr Crosby for making some alterations to the Irish ceremony, introducing one or two little variables which made it both very original and unique.
We made the very short bonfire lit journey to the Lodge at Ashford for a superb reception and The Elastic Band ensured a full dance floor!

Fair play to Fr Crosby....while giving his wedding sermon/advice to Darshana and Jonatham, he weaved a beautiful St Brigid's cross which he presented to the couple during the ceremony.

Thanks Darshana and Jonatahan for being nothing short of brilliant couple to work with! I really enjoyed your company for both days and look forward to crossing paths when your back in Ireland again....mind yourselves in the mean time!

Traditional Irish Ceremony Below

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